Established on June 30 2016, the Centre is a research unit with qualified academic resources and specialized laboratories that conduct scientific and applied research, consulting, informational and educational activities in the field of product quality and consumer protection.

The activities of the Centre include: research, preparation of rationales, standards, expertise and market research for the needs of businesses, state and local authorities through the implementation of modern tools and methods. It recommends and provides specialists for assessment, control and quality management, development and implementation of management systems and standards, certification of systems and products, development of expertise. Independent experts of the Centre provide consultancy in relation to the quality and safety of goods, their packaging, storage, standardization, control, certification and consumer protection.

The center organizes scientific conferences, round tables, discussions, builds research partnerships and networks with businesses and scientific structures locally and abroad to carry out joint projects in the field of quality of goods and consumer protection.

Head: Assoc. Prof. Temenuga Stoikova, PhD
Mobile Phone: +359 882 164838
Office: 314В